Calf Pricing

Prices on our calves vary depending on breed, color, color of markings, chondro status, estimated maturity height based on parents and sex of the calf.  Prices are as followed;

Miniature White Park

Heifer : $4250

Steer : $2750

Bull : contact for pricing

Miniature Highland

Heifer : $4250

Steer : $3250

Bull : contact for pricing

Miniature HighPark

Heifer : $4250
Steer : $3250

Bull : contact for pricing

Miniature Belted Galloway

Red or Dun Belted Heifer : $3750

Red or Dun Belted Steer : $3250

Red or Dun Belted Bull : contact for pricing 

Black Belted Heifer : $3250

Black Belted Steer : $2750

Black Belted Bull : contact for pricing 

Miniature Panda

Red or Dun Panda Heifer : $4250

Red or Dun Panda Bull : contact for pricing

Black Panda Heifer : $3750

Black Panda Bull : contact for pricing 

* belted/panda prices will vary depending on quality of markings/ belt.  

Price of calves includes: registration papers through the International Miniature Cattle Breed Registry, Vaccinations: Scour Guard and Enforce 3 at birth Vision 7 and Cattle Master Gold, Bangs vaccination for the heifers,  Enforce 3 booster at weaning and again day of shipment, chondro and horn status testing,  health papers to travel out of state, brand inspection, personalized ear tag, a halter and 3 weeks of halter breaking preparing them for their new home. 

Calves are weaned between 4-5 months o a 6 week period. The weaning process begins with the calf spending 10-14 days pasture weaning with their dams wearing a weaning nose ring.  This process is low stress for both Cow and Calf.  Calves than spend 2-3 weeks just hanging out in the calf pasture with all the other babies just being babies with no pressure on them and grain twice daily.  The following 3 weeks the halter breaking process begins.  Calves will be haltered with a lead rope dragging learning to give to pressure and be tied up.  They are handled and tied up daily with grain, groomed and well socialized.  Our goal is that every calf leaves here ready to be handled and loved on in their new home. 

We require a $750 non refundable deposit to hold a calf and a signed “ Cattle Sale Contract”. Full payment is due at time of pickup or before shipping.  

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call, text or email us.  Thank you for your interest in our Miniature Cattle.