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Miniature Highland Cow


Apple is a 2016 Miniature Highland Cow, non chondro, 40 inches tall.  Apple has a great personality and is easy to handle and work with. She lost her 2019 heifer calf in a snowstorm.  She is currently being exposed to a Highland/Belted Galloway Bull.  Apple is located in AZ and priced at $3350.  Please contact Jeanie for further information 4804550078

Miniature Belted Galloway x Panda Heifer


This wildly, beautifully marked heifer was born May 19th 2019. Her dam is a Mid Sized Panda Cow 45 inches and her sire is our bull Maximus : 40 inch Miniature Dun Belted Galloway Bull Chondro positive. This little heifer isn’t believed to be a chondro carrier however she will be tested to confirm. She is located in Grand Junction CO, belonging to my sister in law. Priced at $2650.  Please reach out to me for any questions  this heifer.

Miniature Highland Heifer


Miniature Highland Heifer. Located in Grand Junction Colorado. Priced at $3150. Please contact Holly Martin for more information 970 424 8758. 


Miniature Dun 3/4 Belted Galloway x 1/4 Angus Bull Calf


This little guy was born April 28th 2019 And he is a gorgeous Dun Color.  His Dam is 1/2 Miniature Belted Galloway and 1/2 angus, 44 inches non chondro. Sire is our Bull  Maximus the Great. Chondro testing pending however I believe he is carrier. Located in Carbondale Colorado. Contact Laura Marsh 8168203348

Price $1150

Miniature Belted Galloway Bull Calf


Black and White Miniature Belted Bull Calf, born April 30th 2019. His Dam is a 44 inch Miniature Belted Galloway x Miniature Hereford, Sire is Maximus the Great our Miniature Belted  Galloway Dun Bull.  this little guy has a nice full wide even belt , chondro test pending however not believed to be a carrier. Estimated to mature around the 42/44 inch mark. He is located in Grand Junction Colorado, owner Holly Martin 9704248758

Priced at $1350

Miniature HighDex Bull Calf


Look at this incredible handsome little guy Torro. He is a Miniature HighDex bull calf, 75% Highland / 25% Dexter, chondro positive, born 4/19/19. Dam is a 36 inch Chondro positive cow HighDex 50/50 and sire is a 100% Miniature Highland bull 42 inches.  This little guy would be an incredible addition to any breeding program wanting to make some HighPark babies. He is high highland % for keeping the long hair in the genetics and the dexter to keep the size down on top of being a chondro carrier. Just imagine the offspring of this guy crossed to some White Parks or High Park females!  He is priced at $5000 and located in Surry VA. Contact owner Cara Epps 7576345908