RCM 2019 Calves

British White x Miniature Hereford Heifer


This gorgeous little heifer is the daughter to Allie Eve our British White Cow and an outside Registered Miniature Hereford Bull.  She was born March 19th, naturally polled and will be registered with the IMCBR.  Expected maturity height of 44 inches.


SOLD to a customer on our waitlist. 

Miniature Highland Heifer


Miniature Highland Heifer born March 26th. Her dam is Bangs 40 inches and her sire is an outside Miniature Highland Bull 44 inches.  RCM Pistol Annie is not for sale as we have decided to retain her as a future breeder 

Miniature White Park Heifer


Sweet Pea had her little baby girl March 4th , 4 days early.   Calved with ease and baby was up and nursing within a hour.  This little girl is a go getter and as beautiful as they come. Her sire is King George. Expected maturity height 40 inches. She is chondro positive and heterozygous polled.


SOLD to a customer on our wait list and will be living in Canada!

Miniature British White x White Park Bull


Born April 22nd, this stunningly marked bull came into the world. With a 45 minute labor from start to finish, he was up and about in no time.  His markings are indeed what we are striving for in our program, this little guy is sure to catch attention and bring color to your herd. He was 40lbs, 18 inches at birth. Expected maturity height is 40/42 inches. He is chondro positive and homozygous polled.   His price includes vaccinations, health papers to travel, brand inspection, halter training preparing him for his new home.


SOLD headed to Wisconsin 

Miniature Highland x Whitepark Heifer


Pennys baby girl was born May 6th , solid black heifer with a birth height of 18 inches, weighing 40lbs.  She is a tiny petite little girl with lots of hair!  She is chondro positive so we expect her to stay around the 39/40 inch mark as an adult. 



Miniature White Park Bull


Born April 14th : Little Miniature White Park Bull.  Check out the flashy markings on this guy, sure to add color to any herd.  He is chondro negative and heterozygous polled. This gorgeous little guy will come halter broke and well socialized ready for his new home.  Pumpkin calved with out assistance and this little guy was up and nursing within an hour.  Price includes health papers to travel out of state, brand inspection, vaccinations and halter breaking. Expected maturity height 42-44 inches.



Miniature Silver Dun Belted Bull


Born April 30th this little guy came out with a ton of color!  Perfect full wide belt, 4 white hobby socks and a white Star to boot! 22 inches at birth.  He is chondro positive and polled.   Sugar Baby is his Dam and Maximus his sire.  If your wanting to add some color to your Miniature Belted herd, this guy is sure to bring some!



Miniature Black Belted Galloway Heifer


Jewels had her baby girl April 25th, a gorgeous petite little heifer.  Nice even wide belt, feminine features and just as sweet as can be. Chondro negative and polled. Heifer is sired by Maximus. 

This little heifer is SOLD to a customer on our wait list and will be headed to Texas after she is weaned.



Miniature Red Belted Galloway Heifer


Licorice gave birth to a gorgeous, perfectly belted strawberry red belted heifer calf.  Heifer is absolutely gorgeous in every way, with desirable markings, birth height of 18 inches and birth weight 42lbs. She is chondro positive and polled. Gorgeous heifer bound to be an awesome addition to any Miniature Belted Galloway breeding program. 



Miniature HighPark Bull Calf


Piper had herself a little bull calf May 4th.  after a hard labor, her little guy was up and nursing within 30 minutes  He has the most awesome brown/red tips and tons of fluff!! We couldn’t be more excited for our first HighPark Calf here at RCM Miniature Cattle.  This little guy is chondro positive and horned. 



Miniature Silver Dun Belted Galloway Heifer


Maggie gave birth to a absolutely stunning little heifer on May 22nd with a perfect, wide and complete belt!  Maximus her Daddy is proving to be an awesome bull crossed to our Belted Galloway females. This little heifer was SOLD before she hit the ground to a customer on our waitlist. 



Miniature White Park x Lowline Bull Calf


Lollie‘s little man was born May 7th with a ton of color. Love his extra black tips around his eyes and muzzle. This little guy was 20 inches at birth. He is chondro negative and homozygous polled.  We were thrilled to see King George throw color crossed to a solid colored cow. Lollie is a pure breed papered Lowline cow.  This awesome cross is bound to bring some thick well muscles calves to any breeding program.



Miniature White Park Bull Calf


Sammie gave birth to a gorgeous little Chondro positive Bull Calf on May 2nd   He is as tiny as can be with a broth weight of 38lbs and a height of 18 inches.  He is chondro positive and homozygous polled.   He has Been nicked name “ Little Man” around the ranch and sold to a customer on our waitlist as a pet steer.



Miniature Belted Galloway Heifer


Pixie gave us a double surprise June 21st. Not only did she have a heifer as we had expected a bull after having it sexed at preg check but her little heifer also came out with no belt!  Funny how genetics line up sometimes. Maximus the Great is the sire of this little all red heifer.  She is as cute as a button, measuring 20 inches at birth and 40lbs. 



Miniature White Dexter x Miniature White Park Heifer


Beckys little heifer was born Memorial Day, May 27th late in the evening.  Becky as always had her calf with no issues and baby girl was up and nursing in no time. She is a striking white with lots of black tips and a petite little thing. Beautiful heifer and will make a great dual purpose milking animal once she grows up.  This little heifer was SOLD to a customer on our waitlist before she was born.



Miniature Silver Dun Belted Galloway Bull Calf


Peep Gave birth July 9th late at night to a stunning, absolutely gorgeous Miniature Silver Dun Belted Galloway Bull Calf. Boy is he something! Measuring 18 inches, perfect belt and hard to find color. I believe this little guy is a chondro carrier. Will be tested to confirm.  



Miniature Galloway Bull Calf


Callie‘s little bull calf was born August 9th. This little guy came out all black and as shaggy and long haired as can be. Adorable little guy, chondro positive.  He will be heading to Texas late December to become a 4H bottle baby show steer in 2020. 

Miniature Highland Bull Calf


June Bug have birth on October 5th to a gorgeous little Red Bull calf.   She calved unassisted late morning. Hamish was up and nursing within 10 minutes of hitting the ground.  Little little guy will be staying in Colorado as a pet steer. What a lucky little guy