Our Miniature Highland Cows

RCM Penny Poppers


Penny is a gentle sweet 2014 Miniature Highland Cow, 42 inches tall and dehorned.  Penny is an in your pocket type of cow, loves to be groomed and always thinks she should be the first to get her grain. Penny will be bred to Black Bullet for a 2020 Miniature Highland calf. 

RCM Boomerang Bangs


Bangs is a 2015 Miniature Highland Cow, 40 inches, non chondro who is strikingly beautiful.  She is a true Miniature  Highland which is so hard to find without being a chondro carrier.  She has the gentlest, sweetest disposition and just loves people.  Bangs is bred to Black Bullet for a 2020 Miniature Highland calf. 

RCM Pistol Annie


Annie is the daughter to Bangs, born March 26th 2019 and we have decided to retain Annie as a future breeder for our herd.  Annie was 39lbs at birth and just shy of 18 inches.  She came out cute as a button with  the personality to match. Can’t wait to watch this little girl grow up! 

RCM Tennessee Moonshine


Moon is a 2018 3/4 Miniature Highland x 1/4 Miniature Dexter Heifer, naturally horned, non chondro and registered with the IMCBR.  when I first saw Moons picture, I just knew I had to have her in my herd.  Both her parents are 38 inches and this little heifer is as sweet as they come.  I never get tired looking at this gorgeous girl and can’t wait to breed her to Mighty Murphy late 2019 for a Summer 2020 Miniature HighPark baby.

RCM Mountain Millie


Millie is a 2018 3/4 Miniature Highland x 1/4 Miniature Dexter heifer, naturally polled, chondro negative  and registered with the IMCBR.  Millie was added to the herd for her dun color specifically and small statue.  We will be breeding Millie to Mighty Murphy in the Fall of 2019 for a Summer 2020 Miniature HighPark calf.  

RCM Midnight Cocoa


Cocoa is a 2013 1/2 Lowline x 1/2 Miniature Highland, naturally polled, registered with the IMCBR and 40 inches tall. Cocoa is a quite, gentle and easy cow to be around, enjoying her scratches and grain. She is the dam to RCM Liberty Star.  Cocoa will be bred to Black Bullet for a 202O Miniature Highland 75% Lowline 25% Calf. 

RCM Silver Baby


Baby is a 2018 Rare Silver Highland Cow.  Baby was added to our breeding program to start creating some silver babies. Baby is 43 inches currently and will most likely mature around the 45 inch mark as an adult. She has an amazing hair coat, deep thick body, non chondro and as tame as they come. Baby is more like a dog than a cow!  Looking forward to her first calf in 2021.

RCM Texas Aggie


Aggie is a 2018 Miniature Highland Heifer, non chondro and naturally horned. Aggie is very small framed and is expected to mature at 38/40 inches as an adult.  Aggie will be bred to Mighty Murphy for a Fall 2020 Miniature Highpark Calf.

RCM June Bug


June Bug is a 2016 Mid Sized Miniature Highland, 44 inches, non chondro and dehorned. June Bug is a sweet, gentle cow with an underbite for added character. I sure enjoy spending time with June Bug. She is always up for lovings and a brush. June Bug bred to us by a Red Miniature Belted Galloway Bull.  She is due to calve in September than she will be bred back to Black Bullet for a 2020 Highland Calf. 

RCM Gigi


GiGi is a 2018 Miniature Highland yearling heifer, naturally horned, non chondro, fluffy as can be and just as sweet. Gigi will be bred to Mighty Murphy in January 2020 for an early Fall 2020 high percentage Highland HighPark calf.