Our Miniature HighPark Cows

RCM Shiloh


Shiloh is a 2017 Miniature Highpark Cow, 42 inches, polled and non chondro.  Shiloh is a beautiful and sweet cow with the shaggy highland hair coat and whitepark markings.  We are excited to breed this little girl to Black Bullet for a Spring 2020 Miniature HighPark calf.  

RCM Belle of the Ball


Belle is a 2013 Miniature Highpark Cow, 42 inches, horned and non chondro. She has phenomenal thick stout confirmation of a traditional looking highland cow, the shaggy hair coat and the desirable markings of a whitepark.  Belle came bred to us by a 39.5 inch non chondro Miniature Highland Bull.  She is expecting in December 2019. 

RCM Pandora’s Box


Pandy is a 2013 Miniature Highpark Cow, 44 inches, non chondro and dehorned.  Pandy is by far one of our most friendliest and sweetest cows on the ranch! She will come running at the sound of your voice which always melts my heart. Pandy came bred to us by a 39.5inch Miniature Highland Bull non chondro. She is due late July 2019.  Can’t wait for her baby to arrive.

RCM Pearl


Pearl is a 2014 HighPark Cow - 3/4 Highland, 1/4 WhitePark Cow, horned, 42 inches making her a true miniature cow.  Pearl has a very calm and gentle disposition and loves a good scratch.  Pearl is bred to Black Bullet for a 2020 Miniature HighPark calf.