Our Miniature Bulls

RCM King George


King George is a 39 inch Miniature White Park Bull, chondro positive and heterozygous polled.  George is a solid muscled bull, well balanced, has great confirmation and an easy going gentle disposition, passing all these qualities on to his offspring. There is nothing we don't love about this bull.

RCM Mighty Murphy


Murphy is a 2018 Miniature HighPark Bull Calf, Chondro Positive, currently 28 inches.  He was added to our program Spring of 2019 to cross to our Miniature White Park Females to create the ever sort after Miniature HighParks.  Murphy is a phenomenal looking animal : short, stout, well muscled, strong solid confirmation and thick along with the shaggy Highland hair coat.  We can’t wait to see what he produces crossed to our White Females in 2020.

RCM Black Bullet


Bullet is a Miniature Black Highland Bull, 38 inches and Chondro Positive.  Bullet has a wonderful disposition, great conformation and the traditional long shaggy hair coat of a Highland we know he will pass off to his offspring. Bullet was added to our breeding program to cross to our ” White Girls“ to make some “HighPark” babies for 2020.  Keep your eyes open for what this guy is going to produce and bring to our program. 

RCM Maximus the Great


Maximus The Great  is a  40 inch Miniature Belted Dun Galloway Bull, chondro positive and heterozygous polled.  We purchased this bull early 2018 as our new Miniature Belted Galloway herd sire in hopes of getting some Red and Dun Calves. His sire was a Red Miniature Belted Bull and him Dam a Dun Miniature Belted Cow.  We have high expectations of Maximus for our 2019 calves .