Our Lowline Cows and Crosses

RCM Sure Shot Lolli Pop


Lolli is a 2015 Registered Purebred Aberdeen Cow.  She is dual Registered with the Aberdeen Association and the IMCBR.  Lollie is 42 inches tall qualifying her as a Miniature Cow and naturally polled.  She is a quiet cow, gentle and easy cow to be around and work with.  Lolli will be bred to King George for a 2020 Miniature Whitepark x Lowline calf. 

RCM Liberty Star


Libby is a May 2018 1/4 Miniature Highland, 1/2 Lowline and 1/4 Miniature Hereford Heifer, naturally polled , registered with the IMCBR and the daughter to Cocoa. Libby has amazing strong  confirmation, chondro negative and is well balanced for such a young animal.  Libby will be breed to Mighty Murphy in the Fall of 2019 for a Summer 2020 calf. Fingers crossed for a while heifer with red tips!