2019 Calves for Sale

British White x Miniature Hereford Heifer


This gorgeous little heifer is the daughter to Allie Eve our British White Cow and an outside Registered Miniature Hereford Bull.  She was born March 19th, naturally polled and will be registered with the IMCBR.  Expected maturity height of 44 inches.

$2500 SOLD to a customer on our waitlist. 

Miniature Highland Heifer


Miniature Highland Heifer born March 26th. Her dam is Bangs 40 inches and her sire is an outside Miniature Highland Bull 44 inches.  RCM Pistol Annie is not for sale as we have decided to retain her as a future breeder 

Miniature White Park Heifer


Sweet Pea had her little baby girl March 4th , 4 days early.   Calved with ease and baby was up and nursing within a hour.  This little girl is a go getter and as beautiful as they come. Her sire is King George. Expected maturity height 40 inches. 

$3150. SOLD to a customer on our wait list and will be living in Canada!

Cloudys baby coming April 16th 2019

Penny’s baby coming April 18th 2019

Miniature White Park Steer


Born April 14th : Little Miniature White Park Bull.   He will be steered and sold as a pet.  This gorgeous little guy will come halter broke and well socialized ready for his new home.  Pumpkin calved with out assistance.

 and this little guy was up and nursing within an hour.  Price includes health papers to travel out of state, brand inspection, vaccinations and halter breaking. Expected maturity height 42-44 inches.


2019 Calves for Sale

Sugar Baby is due April 20th Bred to Maximus the Great.

Jewels is due April 25th bred to Maximus the Great.

Licorice is due May 5th bred to Maximus the Great.

Piper is due May 16th need to Snowman a Miniature Highland Bull owned by Holly’s Miniature Highlands in Grand Junction CO.

Maggie is due May 17th bred to Maximus the Great and we actually know she is carrying a heifer.

Lollie is due May 20th bred to King George. 

2019 Calves for Sale

Sammie is due May 22nd bred to King George.

Becky is due May 22nd bred to King George. 

Pixie is due June 23rd bred to Maximus the Great.

Peep is due July 18th bred to Maximus the Great. 

Callie is due August 11th bred to Maximus the Great.

Cocoa is due August 18th bred to an outside bull.